We define stewardship as people caring for that to which they are entrusted. The Foundation supports efforts to strengthen communities and regions through existing and new organizations focused on forging collaborative, multi-sector models of stewardship for economic, environmental, social, and governance improvements. We are particularly interested in programs that:

  • Provide resources and support to stewardship efforts that promote the idea that strong and vibrant communities are built on an innovative economy, livable communities, sustainable natural resources, social inclusion, and a collaborative style of governance; and that galvanize individuals and organizations in these efforts.
  • Promote sustainable practices across disciplines and populations.
  • Support and strengthen non-profit leaders and encourage philanthropy and civic leadership from throughout our diverse communities.

Featured Grant:

California Stewardship Network - Thriving Regions Lead to a Thriving State

CSN LogoThe Morgan Family Foundation launched the California Stewardship Network to develop and support innovative regional solutions to California’s most pressing economic, environmental, and community challenges.

Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to us. The Network focuses on the “stewardship of place” - which requires attention to the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of a region. Across California, multi-sector organizations are leading grassroots efforts to solve pressing issues within the diverse regions of our state.

Currently, twelve regions are participating in the California Stewardship Network. Their focus is stewardship, their approach is collaboration, and their outcomes are innovative solutions. All are led by civic entrepreneurs. These regions are: San Diego, Fresno, Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, Sonoma County, Redwood Coast, Butte County, Sacramento, Silicon Valley, San Luis Obispo County, the Sierra Nevada region and Ventura County. Their work is multi-sector: corporate, government and civic representatives coming together to share best practices and collaborate.

Together, this Network of regions has developed a Shared Agenda: Thriving Regions Lead to a Thriving State. To learn more about this effort and to read the Shared Agenda, visit www.castewardship.org

CSN Summit LogoIn 2012, the Network partnered with California Forward (www.cafwd.org) to launch an annual California Economic Summit. The California Economic Summit is a collaborative annual process to connect regional and state leaders - to implement a feedback loop from grassroots efforts in California’s regions to state legislators.

Regional Forums, conducted throughout the state in advance of the Summit, identifed opportunities and priorities for regional and state action. Now, action teams are taking the work one step further, aligning around seven different issue areas identified by the Summit process. Our dream is to both strengthen regions and influence legislators on those policies and changes that are needed throughout California. One size does not fit all - our regions are as diverse as our population - but there are common needs. It’s a grassroots, bottom up, citizen led effort to revive the California Dream. Our Network has been formed to do the hard work of making California that place where everyone can thrive once again.


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